Chop YouTube Videos
It's time for some updates!
Hello TubeChoppers!

I started this site back in 2008 as a fun side project because I wanted to share a small clip of a YouTube video. Since then, you guys have chopped over 7.5 million videos. Whew! Up until now, I've covered the cost of the servers out of my own pocket. I considered a few options to help cover the costs but I've realized I dislike most of what's available. Ads are the WORST and I do not want to litter the site with them. So, I'm asking for your help. This site is long overdue for an update. My goal is to cover the cost of the servers and put any additional money towards developing new features and fine tuning existing ones.

Thank you for your consideration. Any donation will go a long way. Let's keep TubeChop going strong!

I will keep this page updated. Feel free to reach out via twitter @tubechop with any questions.

Thank you!